A Living Alternative To Abortion For Pro-Life Vs Pro-Choice

Living Abortion Alternative

We live in a technological world and bio-technology has become a huge part of that growing force of human advancement.

  • In the future, women will have the option to choose to have their embryo develop outside the womb or in an artificial surrogate womb.
  • Both parents and health care workers can oversee and monitor the growing process while providing emotional support, love and care, touch stimulation and even sound stimulation from Beethoven to the sounds of a heartbeat.
  • Health and nutrition can be monitored 24/7. Contaminants that parents may encounter before conception or during the development process (such as viruses and disease, emotional or environmental poisons or trauma) can be fire walled away from the mother s natural womb. Plus any adverse effects to the mother s body from nine months of a natural pregnancy can be averted. Many women find the nine month term of pregnancy a beautiful and rewarding part of life and natural childbirth will remain an option for all healthy women.
  • Any type of artificial environment will be repugnant to many, but like the pill or artificial insemination, will eventually be accepted by a majority of future generations. Should a pregnancy begin and the parent or parents are not ready for a child, termination of the pregnancy does not necessarily mean termination of an embryo s life.
  • The unborn can develop in an artificial womb for anticipated parents (adopted or foster parents or even the reconsidered birth parents) or placed in a child development center or orphanages.
  • Future technology may even make it possible to slow or halt the development until the parent or parents are ready for a child. This too will be unspeakable for many but accepted by future generations. In contrast, the future will undoubtedly recall this term in our history as the Great Embryonic Holocaust. For us to survive as caring people, we must acknowledge both sides to this issue.

There is a need for birth control, and our courts have formed an opinion that termination after conception is within the rights of women. What we are missing is a living alternative to abortion. Once the alternative exists, old fashion termination by death will not be acceptable to the general public nor the courts. Therefore, we must not take sides and fight each other, we must unite and form an alliance to direct, inspire and encourage technology to reach the needs of our hurting society.


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