All About Abortion Procedure

Abortion Process

if you are considering abortion there is something as an induced abortion which is a surgery to have now I’m not talking about spontaneous abortion which is a miscarriage we’re focusing just on the induced surgery. So now your social and political views on abortion are all your own. I’m just here to talk to you about the actual procedure a surgical abortion basically terminates the pregnancy by removing the fetal tissue from the uterus. Now depending on how far along pregnant you are there’s different specific procedures. So if in the first trimester of pregnancy which is about 5 to 12 weeks a doctor generally opens and softens the cervix and inserts a suction or a tube inside to basically serve as a vacuum to vacuum out the fetal tissue women experience a lot of cramping during this time.

The cramping decreases once the tube is removed. The whole procedure takes about 10 or 15 minutes in the second trimester basically 12 weeks onward the doctor may use the previous process and introduce dilation and the use of other medical instruments or the other option is the doctor may just give you medicines to start contractions to basically push the fetus out of the uterus. This would be a non-surgical method. After an abortion occurs you may suffer from irregular bleeding and spotting women also suffer from cramps similar to period cramps because your uterus has to shrink back to its normal size.


The doctor will probably give you antibiotics for that. Also please do not have sex for at least a week after abortion probably even longer depending on what your doctor advises. Guys abortion it not sterilization, if you’ve had an abortion you can get pregnant again, obviously this all these procedures are something that a well trained doctor should talk you through and take care of you before during and after. Do not try to do anything yourself. Do not go to some back alley specialist and there’s no such thing as a home remedy food item or a cool trick or trade that you can do to have an abortion yourself. This is very serious you messing around with your own health can lead to serious consequences such as infection or death.


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