Deadly Condom Mistakes That Every Guy Makes

Condom Mistakes

What I want to go over is 3 really big mistakes that a lot of guys make with condoms and these are ones that you should know. This is going to help when you’re using them and when you’re sexually active with women.

Correct Type

The first one is this; the first mistake is a lot of guys don’t really know how to pick out the correct type of condom. What I urge you to do is to get major brands. Try not to get some of those free condoms that you get at any of the sexual health clinics and things like that. I think it’s better for you to be getting name brands, things that have been reviewed, things that have been rated and you can look that up pretty much all over the internet and find out which one is best for you.

I’ll give you a couple suggestions in just a second. It’s important that you get those because I want you to be using a brand that is reliable so it doesn’t slip off easily, so it doesn’t break, which by the way, that can still happen even with major brands, but still something you should be looking out for. You want to get the reviews and know that this is something that many people have used before and that it’s a quality brand. My suggestion for you in terms of picking out condoms will be something that feels good. There are condoms out there that are made that are thin and have more sensation when you wear them.

I found that a lot of the Trojan brands, I don’t know, those don’t feel as best. I know a lot of people tell me that they don’t like them either. Some ones that you can look up that are known to be thin and feel good are Crown, that’s the one that’s actually rated very highly and no, I’m not getting paid by them to suggest that. Another one is Kimono that is I believe a Japanese condom that’s very popular and also is one of those thin ones that works very well and is also very durable. It’s up for you to test and figure out what’s best again, name-brand and for pure your pleasure. Probably something that’s on the thing side.

Putting Properly

The second mistake that guys make is not putting the condom on properly. This can be fairly devastating when you do this because if you don’t put it on properly, you increase chances of breakage. How do you do this? I’m not going to demonstrate here. Maybe in another video, I’ll get a banana and show you exactly how to do it. The basic idea here is when you unroll it on yourself, you want to leave at least a half inch of room at the top and that’s going to make it so it’s a little bit looser, it’s not so tight and again you will prevent breakage.

Some guys put it on backwards; some guys put it on too loose. I know this is going to sound a little weird to you, but I suggest that if you don’t have any experience putting on a condom, maybe best to not put it on some of the first times that you’re getting sexual with a girl. Maybe it’s something that you should be practicing on your own. I suggest you do that. Get a condom, practice putting it on so when it is time to put it on with the girl, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. Also, this should go without saying, do not unroll it before you put it on. The whole idea is to unroll it as you put it on. If you unroll it first, you’re going to have a very difficult time getting it to fit properly. Make sure you fix that.


Here’s the last mistake, and I’m really hoping that you stuck around and if you are, good for you because this is one that is very important. A lot of guys mess this up. You need to understand how to store condoms properly. If you do not store them properly and you buy them, you might be going a long time without having sex, so you have high risk of making them ruined or defective. You want to keep them in a cool dry place. The only exception to putting a condom in your wallet is if you know you’re gonna be having sex that night. Do not store it in your wallet because it bends and it twists and it can get all messed up and you don’t want to put that condom on. Instead, you want one that’s fresh from the package that’s not out in sunlight and that’s not anywhere that’s exposed to anything but a cool dry place.


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