Rape – Reason To Have An Abortion and Pharmaceutical Company Sued For Unwanted Pregnancies

Abortion Reason

What do you think of abortion?

That is a delicate question. in my opinion, if it is a matter of rape or something perverse of life they are the only conditions in which he would accept abortion, but otherwise. Just because someone was stupid and got pregnant and then: “oh, I need to abort” -it’s something that is not right, do not kill a child for selfish reasons that’s what you want to say? exactly why would you kill a child for the crime of rape of the father? It was the father who committed the crime and you kill the child? Why would you do something like that?

Again, that’s the delicate part of my feelings. What’s so moving and sentimental about that? Come on. This is an innocent child that you kill for the crime of a father-again. Will you change your way of thinking or stand firm? I’m going to stay firm with it at least until now but. Let me hear you say this, repeat after me: “I killed an innocent baby for the crime of the father” you see, I’m not going to say that because. You got me there! I think I do not agree with that watch others change their thinking about abortion.

Women Sue Pharmaceutical Company for Unwanted Pregnancies

More than 100 women are suing a drug company after they got pregnant as a result of a birth control packaging mistake. 113 women from 28 states are seeking millions of dollars in damages from unwanted pregnancies. The women are asking Qualitest pharmaceuticals to cover the costs of the child from birth until adulthood. The lawsuit states birth control pills made by Qualitest gave women placebo sugar pills at the wrong time of the month.

An FDA recall was issued in 2011 after the women became pregnant. Dr. Jennifer Ashton told ABC News women could have been going eight to fourteen days without the hormone to suppress ovulation. The pharmaceutical company made the voluntary recall stating they were only able to confirm one defective pack was sold to a patient. The USDA says the cost of having a child is a quarter of a million dollars.


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