Republican Dirty Tricks That Shut Down Abortion Clinic

Abortion Clinic

The Supreme Court in Ohio has decided to uphold a stay order that essentially led to the shutdown of the one and only abortion clinic left in the states. So this case could make it to the Supreme Court. I do not know how well it will do their considering our latest supreme court justice but in this particular case, and the state of Ohio: this is something that we have seen and a lot of red states where republican lawmakers will pass laws that essentially foresees abortion clinics to have hospital admitting privileges and if you are in a red state, oftentimes the hospitals themselves happen to be a little conservative so they will not grant those contracts to the abortion clinics.


This is all done on purpose to shut down the clinics, let’s keep it real. So not only did the clinic have to have the hospital admitting privileges, they had to have the hospital admitting privileges under very strict and specific circumstances. To give you more information: after they had done that though: see, that last part is very important because I goes to show you that them saying no, I just wanted to be safe and healthy is a total life. What is that have to do with the weird mileage limit on how far the hospital is?

Know, you pass that because she wanted to make sure that every single clinic in Ohio was shut down. This is a way of circumventing the law. The law is you are allowed to have an abortion in this country. Republicans do not like that law. As usual they are against the rule of law so they pass other pieces of legislation circumventing what is considered the law of the land and doing something that the supreme court has ruled very clearly is unconstitutional but the guy is claiming to care about the constitution and the rule of law, there they go again, making sure that they circumvented. The only thing I will give them credit for his they fight.

The democrats almost never fight for their constituents and the republicans will do everything and anything to make sure that they want an issue, even if it is crystal clear that what they are doing is in circumvention of the law and the constitution. Based on the supreme court ruling back in the 1970’s regarding abortion there shouldn’t be any undue burden when it comes to obtaining an abortion and if you do not have an abortion in the state of Ohio because of the fact that they have made these ridiculous arbitrary laws that make no sense, then it leads to an undue burden so we will see how this plays out. There is no question they’re doing it on purpose. There’s one way to prevent it, stop voting for republicans. If you are pro-life, I get it, but this is what republicans try to do, they try to take away your rights. This is Kasich, he is supposed to be moderate. Does that look moderate to you?


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