State Pass Bill Allowing Women To See Their Baby Before Abortion

State Bill

In 1973 Roe v Wade legalized abortion in the United States, and since then there have been about 60 million abortions performed in our country alone. While that number appears to be bleak, there have been some massive wins on the side of the pro-life movement in stemming the tide of abortions being performed. The pro-life movement has been instrumental in advocating for the unborn and educating women on their rights which has resulted in a steady decline of abortions performed in America and around the world. Though while there is a steady decline in abortions being conducted, there is still much more work to do in protecting those most vulnerable in the womb. Recently, state representatives across the country have been busy introducing new legislation that would deter on-demand abortions, and that is just the beginning of protecting innocent life in our country.

Protecting The Unborn

Now, one state is going one step further in protecting the unborn by passing a bill that would ensure women see their ultrasound before having an abortion, which has the pro-choice movement up in arms. Earlier this week, the pro-life movement scored a significant win in the state of Minnesota when the state Senate passed a bill that would ensure women seeking an abortion the right to view their ultrasound before the controversial procedure. The bill, S.F. 2849 (H.F. 3194), that was authored by Sen. Michelle Benson (R-Ham Lake) simply added a paragraph to an already existing Women’s Right to Know consent law on the books.

The paragraph added reads: “If, at any time prior to the performance of an abortion, a female undergoes an ultrasound examination, or a physician determines that ultrasound imaging will be used during the course of a patient’s abortion, the physician or the physician’s agent shall orally inform the patient of the opportunity to view or decline to view an active ultrasound image of the unborn child. Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL), the state’s oldest and largest pro-life organization was thrilled with the introduction of this wording introduced earlier this month, stating that it was a women’s right to see to be well-informed before the procedure. “Women have a right to be well-informed before undergoing any medical procedure, including abortion,” said MCCL Legislative Director Andrea Rau. “Ultrasound provides factual, medical information that should not be withheld from women.


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