The 3 Benefits Of Abortion Recovery

Abortion Recovery

Going through abortion recovery you cannot help but to make some progress on one or more areas of your life that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Healings come in different forms. I’d like to share in three areas where I saw positive change in my physical, emotional and spiritual life.


God reversed my sterility so I could become pregnant again. I feel better physically when I became pregnant he protected me from complications caused by the abortion. So I could deliver two healthy children. My countenance the vibe, my face gives is no longer sad and downcast but it’s healthy and upbeat. He healed me from having weak blood anemia. He healed me from serious bulimia which I hadn’t lost quite a bit of weight. I am no longer fearful of being too thin in fact I have to watch my weight. We won’t go there.


It taught me to identify shame or guilt based thinking. I am no longer bound by shame. I learned skills to better manage my emotions. I am free from guilt green sadness and depression I can love freely I can think clearly and I can experience joy. I was able to recognize in my speech when I was cutting down my god-given identity. I am focused on seeing myself the way God sees me. I am no longer beating myself up in my mind. I have learned how to set healthy boundaries for myself.


I have accepted what the Bible says but God forgives us of our sin and he remembers it no more. I have grown closer to God in our relationship. I believe what the Bible says about God’s plans about having a destiny and a purpose. He has given me the ability to reach out and help others those things that the devil stole her me. God is in the process of restoring to me there is a scripture that relates to all of these healings. I think it demonstrates the power of God working in my life it’s actually John 8:36 so if the son sets you free you will be free indeed.


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