Top Democrats For Supporting Anti-Abortion


There’s an incumbent name Dan Lipinski, i will show you his voting record he voted against the affordable care act, he’s anti-choice, he voted for the marriage and religious freedom act which takes equal rights away from gay Americans, so why am i showing him next to Nancy Pelosi? Is this bipartisanship, a Republican working with a democrat? No, he’s a Democrat in Illinois. Illinois is a blue state, his district by the way is not deeply red within the blue state of Illinois, he just happens to be incredibly conservative. Well, okay, but i hear from Nancy Pelosi that she is really progressive, so I’m sure she won’t care about protecting the establishment, but doing the right thing for progressive policy.

Let’s find out, they asked her well, she’s not alone. When you have progressives you have bipartisanship because both the republicans and democrats will attack them. For example Laura Moser in Texas, Greg Edwards in Pennsylvania, Bernie Sanders everywhere and when you have conservatives you will have bipartisanship again, both Republicans and Democrats supporting them, like Dan Lipinski. There is also a Republican super PAC supporting him. Don’t get confused by the progress, that’s a Republican super PAC backing the Democratic nominee that Nancy Pelosi also enthusiastically supports. By the way, i get it, the establishment Democrats; their patronizing attitude is so annoying. Did you know she’s actually the leader of the Democrats in the house and hence it’s fairly normal for her to support incumbents?


Yes, of course we know that. But there are some incumbents that are backed by republican super pacs that keep voting against you that you might not want to support, that you might want to make an exception for, when there is a perfectly good progressive in a progressive district that could have that seat instead, his opponent is Marie Newman, you should find out more about her, and fact let me give you some links where you could get more involved whether you volunteer or donate, Marie Newman is a justice democrat, that means she is not corrupted, doesn’t take corporate pac money and that’s probably why the democratic party isn’t fully backing her. Go here if you want to donate or to volunteer, get involved. By the way, Lipinski thought it’s okay, I’ve got Pelosi, I’ve got the established but, then a bunch of progressive groups came out in favor of Marie Newman, again justice democrats led, other groups begrudgingly followed, but we will take their help and bless their hearts, so now what does it look like in the polls?

When justice democrats first said they were backing Newman, did she have a chance? Here comes Newman! The latest poll, 43% Dan Lipinski, 41% Marie Newman, she’s going to win. Get in the fight. His only chance is that he has so much money from his corruption let me give you those links again for Newman, because your volunteer hours are worth their weight in gold, so go volunteer if you are in her district and if you aren’t get in the fight, donate whatever you can, three bucks, 10 bucks, 27 bucks, whatever you can, because we aren’t going to match the $1.6 million but we don’t need that, we need power and energy. We need some money to be able to hire staff to get the job done, the Illinois primaries are coming up, there’s no reason in the world that a Democrat as conservative as Dan Lipinski should represent a progressive district.


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