Total Abortion Ban Proposal In Ohio

Abortion Ban Proposal

Some lawmakers have introduced a bill to ban abortions completely. Doctors could face charges, the woman could face charges. The bill goes well beyond restrictions passed by lawmakers in recent years. Mike gonidakis, you head Ohio right to life. Do you support this measure? First of all, I believe all life begins at conception. I worked for the past decade to eliminate abortion and end this tragedy in this country. This legislation is 284 pages.

We got it three days ago, the same sometime you got it, or your paper received it. We had nothing to do with it. We’re still reviewing it. We’re still looking sideways because it doesn’t make sense. I’ve had 15 state representatives call me and say, do you think it says this or that? I say, I don’t know. You wrote it. To say we support it because it’s written in such a unique we don’t know what it means. There are smart lawyers out there that say it could criminalize a woman if she has a miscarriage. We don’t want that, of course not because there appears to be a lot of problems with it but give us time to review it.

Complete Ban

On principle you did not support the heart beat bill. This goes beyond that, even though ultimately many people say the heart beat bill was a complete ban on abortion. Logic says you’re not going to support a complete ban if you need five votes, right now we only have four on the united states supreme court. It’s that simple. Is this symbolic I have no idea what’s on their mind. It’s unconstitutional, it’s mean, it’s not going to go anywhere. It’s a waste of our time. Governor kasich vetoed the heart beat bill. Could the same thing happen with this bill? It’s possible. When it comes to issues there are two issues I don’t tend to predict too well guns and abortion.

At any point, they could suddenly decide, you know, we need to we’re going to pick this up and run with it for any number of reasons and but, you know, like you said, I mean, they pass the down syndrome abortion bill. A judge stopped that. It’s going to get appealed. So like mike said, the courts have ruled on this and there’s no occasion that that would change. I don’t know if they really want to run a bill at this point, up to the Supreme Court and try this. That’s a question more for mike if that’s a good strategy or not. It’s not.

But the other bills, you do support down syndrome even though the courts struck that down. Why is that one different than this one? Ultimately you want abortion to be illegal. It’s an anti-discrimination bill. 80 to 90% of babies with down syndrome are aborted. That’s a tragedy. Our goal is to end abortion in the United States of America.


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