What Is Expected With The Abortion Pill Process?

Expected Abortion

We will address 5 frequently asked questions about the abortion pill process. These five questions and answers can help you understand what you need to know about the abortion pill process, if it is right for you, and what to consider when looking to have an abortion using the abortion pill.

FAQ #1

What Do You Need to Do Before You Take the Abortion Pill? Meet with your doctor. Discuss whether or not the abortion pill process is right for you. After a brief series of exams and lab tests, your doctor will be able to determine exactly how far along you are with your pregnancy  and if it is still suitable based on the length of your pregnancy, advise you on how you should proceed with the abortion pill process.

FAQ #2

What Happens During the Abortion Pill Process? The abortion pill process consists of pills taken in a sequential order. First, you will typically take mifepristone, which blocks your body’s production of progesterone. This may cause nausea or bleeding, which is normal. Next, you will take misoprostol 24-48 hours after you take mifepristone. This will cause your body to pass the pregnancy tissue within 4-5 hours. Continued cramping and bleeding is normal. Residual cramping and bleeding may take place for 24-48 additional hours once the pregnancy tissue has passed.

FAQ #3

What Can Happen to Your Body During the Abortion Pill Process? Many patients report feelings of cramping and aches, bleeding, upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, tiredness, and fever. To combat these sensations and feelings, your doctor will prescribe pain medications. You can also take a warm shower or have a have a back rub to ease the pain.

FAQ #4

How Safe is the Abortion Pill? Due to advances in modern medicine, the abortion pill process is refined and relatively safe. However, complications may arise due to a number of factors. Very rarely, the abortion pill process may not work and you should consult your doctor on what steps to take next. There are also risks of infection however, your doctor will be able to prescribe antibiotics to help counteract any risk of infection. If you experience any extreme discomfort or sickness, contact the doctor immediately.


Are There Long-Term Side-Effects? The abortion pill process is a very common way to have an abortion, and millions have used the abortion pill to safely have an abortion. No risk to or future pregnancy or associated health problems have been linked to the abortion pill process. By understanding the facts about the abortion pill process, you will be more prepared to make your decision as to whether or not an abortion via the pill is right for you.


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