Why Abortions Should Be Free For All?

Free Abortions

According to the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), Washington State is given an A+ rating for their abortion policy. That basically means the abortion industry thinks Washington State is the gold standard. That being said, you can always make more money and kill more babies. That seems to be the reason for Senate Bill 6219, which doesn’t make abortion any more legal than it already is, but would ensure that abortions will never be paid for by the woman who actually receives the abortion. As always, this is being done in the name of “access”. In recent years, abortion industry advocates have proposed an Abortion Insurance Mandate in Washington State which would have required every insurance policy that pays for the birth of a baby to also pay for the death of the baby.

Pay for Abortions

This bill includes similar language but takes the additional step of creating a new program that pays for the abortions and contraception for those who enter the country illegally. Unlike previous Abortion Insurance Mandate bills which had weak language claiming to protect conscience rights, this bill has no such pretense. Religious organizations, including churches, would be compelled to pay for abortions through their insurance policies, as would every business and individual. Regardless, even if you are not an employer, this bill would force everyone in Washington, through their taxes, to pay even more money for abortions by offering it, for free, to people who may not even be residents of Washington State or even citizens of the country.

The abortion industry, which already receives more than $500 million from government sources, is finding much of the country to be increasingly inhospitable. While Congress has yet to take action to defund Planned Parenthood, the Department of Justice has opened a criminal investigation against Planned Parenthood and their partners for trafficking in aborted baby body parts and, at least fifteen states have taken steps to stop funding Planned Parenthood entirely. So, in response, they are digging their heels in where they can and taking as much as they can get. This bill does represent a redirection of sorts by abortion industry advocates. In past years, the Abortion Insurance Mandate was referred to euphemistically as the “Reproductive Parity Act” in an effort to claim that it is unequal for an insurance policy to pay for a birth but not for an abortion. For better or worse, this bill is more honest.

While it mandates free abortions and contraception for anyone who wants them and guarantees that women won’t have to share any of the costs, no such offer is being made to women who want to give their babies life. No more pretending to care about “parity” or “equality”. Abortion is clearly preferred. In two decades, the abortion industry has moved from “safe, legal, and rare” to “anyone, anytime, show me the money.” The public hearing on this bill will be in Health and Long-Term Care Committee at 10am on Tuesday, January 16th in the John A. Cherberg Building, Hearing Room 2. At the same time will be another bill allowing contract surrogacy so one date, two hearings. One bill ensures more babies will be aborted; the other makes it possible for those who aren’t aborted to be sold by their parents all in the name of progress of course.


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