Why Men Can Speak Out Against Abortion?

Men Against Abortion

Whenever a man speaks out against abortion, pro-choice feminists are the first to tell him to shut up and sit down. They’re told, abortion is a woman’s rights issue “You don’t have a uterus? You don’t get a choice” In fact, men are told, you don’t even get to have an opinion and you’re an oppressive, sexist, misogynist if you dare to question a “woman’s right to choose” Really, ladies? Is abortion just a women’s issue that has nothing to do with anyone else? Or, are there actually, two other parties involved?


It’s a fact that a man was half the equation in making the baby. Hey, it’s not like the baby just got in there with no male intervention. If women reproduced asexually, then yes, have it your way it would just be a women’s issue. But they don’t. It took both sexes for conception to happen and the baby’s DNA is split 50-50 between her mother and her father. So, it could be argued, that abortion is just as much a man’s issue as it is a woman’s issue. Sure, men don’t get pregnant or give birth. But that doesn’t change the fact that the baby is half his.

Don’t believe me? Then why do women force men to pay child support? I thought men weren’t supposed to be involved. If feminists really believed men should stay out of it why do you fight for the father’s money if the child is born? You can’t have it both ways. You see, it’s funny how these feminists want all the “reproductive rights” yet don’t grant any rights to men. Not even the right to have an opinion. Sorry, ladies, men can speak out about abortion, because it affects both sexes.

The Child

Look, I get the whole “my body, my choice” thing. Yes, it is your body, and it is your choice. But you know what? Your choice with your body came before conception. Not after. A baby should not be sacrificed for your poor choices and it’s no longer just a “women’s body” issue when another body comes into the picture because last time I checked, women don’t abort themselves they’re aborting another body, a living, human being.

A baby, So sorry, ladies, it’s not just a women’s rights issue. No, it’s also a men’s rights issue, and ultimately, it’s a human rights issue. Babies in the womb deserve the most fundamental human right of all the right to life. Abortion is a direct attack on their rights and therefore, it’s a direct attack on our collective rights.


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